Why development experience

helps with project management

While managing our development projects is a lot of work, I’m fortunate to bring 10 years of my own experience in front and back end development, including HTML/CSS, PHP, Delphi, and database programming to the table.

The understanding that this experience provides about the work that our developers do and the way the technologies interface with each other gives me a huge advantage in making sure our projects are completed effectively and efficiently.


Experience with

the technology

In my past life as a developer, I was something of a “jack of all trades and a master of none.” With the work that I’ve done in all the various aspects of development projects, including defining specifications and building white label products from the ground up, I understand the real-world solutions to the problems that clients want to solve, and I can identify when solutions suggested by clients might not be the best course of action and provide alternate solutions that might make more sense.



With my background in development, I’ve found that I have a unique perspective in managing designers and developers. Since I’ve touched multiple different pieces of the development process throughout my career, I can bring this understanding to every project and help our entire team work together to complete our work in the most collaborative, efficient, and effective manner possible.

While I realize that this level of experience is not possible for all project managers, I do feel that “getting your hands dirty” and working directly on some of these development tasks can really make the difference for how you approach a project.


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